Pleunie Buyink

Framed Emerald gem,
Inspired by sunlight falling on the leaves of a plant
Object size: 50 x 30cm, Frame size: 40 x 40 x 60cm,

"Frozen gem" detail rough crystallized object
Inspired by a frozen branch
Object size: 120 x 30 cm

Limber stone gem, hematite gem, with structures
Inspired by movement by night in a city
Object sizes: Ø50+ Ø30 cm and Ø15 cm

Detail "Moments" 2016, amethyst gem,
Inspired by leaes during fall,
Object size each: 180 x 90 cm

"Mouna gem" with liquid marmer effect,
Inspired by a view from space, city by night
Object size: Ø50 cm

The Disintegration,
Inspired by raindrops falling in a puddle
Object size: Ø130 cm

Triptych marble,
Inspired by a mudflow,
Object sizes: 120 x 60 - 35 x 45 - 35 x 65 cm

Detail transparant object "Bottom of the ocean in the afternoon"
Inspired by the mariane trough
Object size: 180 x 80 cm, Frame size: 100 x 50 x 200 cm

Allnat gem,
Inspired by moving fire
Object size: Ø60 cm

Ocean greatness, inspired by the bottom of the ocean
Object size: 170 x 70 cm